About KnowLove³

Our new Community campaign, KnowLove3 launches in spring 2017. The KnowLove3 vision is e3:

  • Educate adults and children simultaneously, to Know what is and is not Love, and say no to any form of abuse
  • Empower sufferers and those with lived experience to re-shape their lives, to take back control of their life story, so they can say no and Know Love
  • Eliminate domestic violence

KnowLove3 is a long term community focused campaign that we expect to run upwards of 5 years. It will be an energetic, positive engaging initiative that empowers everyone in the local community to really push to change societal norms and create a community attitude of zero tolerance to all forms of domestic abuse.

Whilst we do maintain the vast majority of domestic abuse victims are female, we want to see an end to all domestic abuse on the island and that means that every single man, women and child within our community needs to know what love is, and is not, and be confident and courageous enough to say no to abuse they receive or witness. Everyone can play a role in making change happen, and we will also need their continuing to support with our fundraising initiatives, to ensure anyone who is a victim of domestic abuse, or has witnessed it, can come forward and access help to heal the damage of their experience.

All gifts purchased from our site will add donations to one of 5 funds, directing your gifts to cover costs and finance initiatives that really do help make change happen.:

Bricks and Mortar
Therapy and training
Community education
Equipment and resources

All proceeds in support of